“Unpaid Intern Hell” vs. “Selling Out”: A Quandry

To prep for the inevitable return of this fabulous blog with all of its Art Historical content and commentary, I want to link this page to my most recent entry in our Chicago tumblr blog.  It is a much more light-hearted documentation of my two roommates’ and my experiences in Chicago. This entry discusses my frustrations with and realizations about finding a job in the non-profit art industry (so yes, it is somewhat applicable to this blog as well).

This regular blog will resume soon, I promise!!


2 thoughts on ““Unpaid Intern Hell” vs. “Selling Out”: A Quandry

  1. I read your post on “selling out” while what you really want to do is grad work, and the thought I had is “Why can’t you keep the ‘day job’ and take grad courses online and/or at nights and/or on weekends?” Just a thought…
    I had two internships, when I was (much) younger, and the second one led directly to a full-time paying job in my field, which is – still, for now at least – in TV production.


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