Banksy Does The Simpsons

For those of you who have any interest in Street Art, specifically Banksy (for more info and images, see one of my past blogs), you will find the opening credits for the newest episode of The Simpsons pretty interesting.  The street artist whose identity remains unknown, regardless of the international fame of his artwork, actually storyboarded and directed the ever-changing “couch gag” opening scene.  It’s always cool when two of your favorite things come together…in related news, the newest episode of South Park is all about the MTV phenomenon (and one of my own personal guilty pleasures) Jersey Shore.  This week is clearly my week for television…both cultured and not-so-much.  Here is Banksy’s opening credit clip for this week’s Simpsons episode!  Enjoy:


One thought on “Banksy Does The Simpsons

  1. sadly this is probably an accurate portrayal of the japanese/chinese labor force that sends us all this shit we don’t need or have any use for. using poorly made products to sell to the world, making us sick from lead poisoning and such.

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